About Tracie Audette - Inventor of the Hay Wise Feeder 

Tracie has been a certified Acusope therapist since 1998 and has presented case studies involving Acuscope Therapy at the World Wide Symposium for Animal Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.

She is an accomplished horsewoman and competes in many disciplines of riding, including dressage and reining.  After growing up in rural Alaska riding horses and running Iditarod endurance sled dogs with her family, she developed nutritional support and Acuscope therapy for their teams.

Tracie now lives and practices in Purcell, Oklahoma, where she works with vets, top trainers and owners who compete on the highest level. She also travels and teaches whole health seminars for animals. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide safe, high quality feeding systems, which improve the wellbeing of the animals; while protecting the economic investment of their owners.

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