Grate Descriptions

Quad Grate White (QW)

A less restrictive grate, for grass hay, or grass hay with a light mix of alfalfa.  A good choice for horses that, by nature, are slower eaters, or do not need to have much restriction of their forage.  It will reduce wastage,protect your hay investment, and increase meal times, just as with the more restrictive grates.


Round Grate White (RW)

A less restrictive grate, for straight alfalfa hay rations, or grass hay with a heavy alfalfa mix.  A good choice for the slower eaters, horses that don’t need the restriction of a small openings grate.   Also the choice for large muzzled horses, like warmbloods, drafts horses, and draft mixes.  If you plan to mix your rations, by layering grass and alfalfa hay, for optimal customization, this is the grate for you.


Double Quad Grate White (DW)

The most restrictive grate, and the favorite among our grass hay, slow feeding community.  This is the choice for insulin resistant, diabetic, fast eating, overweight horses.  Many horse owners begin with the Quad Grate (QW) and as the horses get use to the slow feeding method, they switch to the Double Quad grate (DW).  

How To Order

Things to consider when choosing your grate:

What kind of hay do you feed?

  • If you feed mixed or heavy alfalfa, the RW grate is the best choice
  • Straight grass or grass with a very light mix of alfalfa, either the QW or DW grates will work.
  • Very course grass hays will feed through the RW grate a bit better
  • If you mix and match, between grass and alfalfa, either use the RW grate, or switch the grates between the round grate, and one of the quad grates, as explained above.


How big are the horses you are feeding?

  • Large muzzled horses should use the RW grate, as the openings will allow them better access to the hay
  • Average, and small faced horses can use any of them


Do you group feed your horses?

  • Always choose the grate that meets the needs of your slowest eater. 
  • The longer you provide your horses with free choice feed, the competitiveness, and consumption levels out, and usually becomes a non-issue.
  • If the horses are not compatible, this causes undo stress on the subservient horse, as well as the ‘boss’ . 
  • The best solution is to provide enough feeders, in a large enough area, to allow all animals to eat in a noncompetitive environment. 
  • Then, choose grates based on the information above.  

How To Order

Still have questions? 

Please use the comments box on the order inquiry form.  We will be happy to help you.