Hay Wise

premiere equine feeding system


Horses don't think about breakfast, lunch and dinner. They simply think about the food.


The trick is to make sure it’s around when they think about it, and that can be a full-time and expensive proposition. Feeding a horse on your schedule endangers its life by opening the door for colic. Hay Wise feeders address that danger by holding enough hay to keep a horse feeding throughout the day at a safe and clean pace without breaking the bank. 

Do you know the causes of colic?

  • Over eating

  • Under eating
  • Over watering
  • Under watering

A horse’s nutritional system is supposed to be working all the time, not on a human schedule.



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About the feeder.

HAY WISE FEEDERS are 100% virgin plastic and made in the USA

Virgin Plastic vs. Recycled Plastic

My goal was to make sure that Hay Wise Feeders were green and sustainable. Over the course of 3 years, we studied every aspect of production using both virgin and recycled plastics. Here’s what we learned:

  • First (and thankfully) the FDA’s requirement for food grade recycled materials are quite stringent

  • Protocols for removing all contaminants from the plastic’s original use are expensive
  • Recycled plastics have strength, durability and structural problems, particularly for items such as a paddock or stall feeder

Strength Issues With Recycled Plastics

  • Crushing of stacked or nested products

  • Dye runs/color fading in areas of higher concentration of recycled resin

  • Inconsistent shatter tests
  • Poor resistance to heat and freezing temperatures
  • Leaching of contaminants from the plastic’s previous life

My Own Non-Scientific Test

  • 2 water buckets in every stall 

  • Buckets were made from 

    • Recycled plastic in a medium color
    • Virgin plastic in white
    • Fortex plastic bucket in various colors
    • Rubber feed tub
  • Combinations were rotated, but the recycled bucket remained constant
  • The non-recycled bucket won every time, except when it was paired with the rubber tub

About the inventor


Tracie has been a certified Acusope therapist since 1998 and has been presented case studies involving Acuscope Therapy at the World Wide Symposium for Animal Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. 

She is an accomplished horsewoman and competes in many disciplines of riding, including dressage and reining.  After growing up in rural Alaska riding horses and running Iditarod endurance sled dogs with her family, she developed nutritional support and Acuscope therapy for their teams. 


Tracie now lives and practices in Purcell, Oklahoma, where she works with vets, top trainers and owners who compete on the highest level. She also travels and teaches whole health seminars for animals. 


"There are so many great things to say about this feeder. It's durable, reliable, and the capacity it can hold is unlike anything else in the marketplace!" - JANE DOE

"They really thought of everything. It's the perfect size for all of my horses, 12hh to 17hh, it works for all of them!" - SALLY JANE

"We have one in every field. This is the most reliable and well researched feeding system out there. We recommend it to all of our clients." - DR. WILLIAM WILLIAMS