How To Introduce Your Horse To Slow Feeding

The best way to introduce your horses to your new Hay Wise Feeder, and the ‘art’ of slow feeding, is quite simple, and entirely necessary.  

The steps are laid out below, but it's important to note that I didn't include any specific timelines to move from one step to the next. Like humans, each horse has a personality. Monitor each step and when you feel that your horse is ready, move to the next.

Begin by allowing your horses to eat out of the bin without the grate in place. Allow them to eat a substantial amount of hay before introducing the grate.

Refill the bin and slide the grate on top of the hay.

Add loose hay on TOP of the grate.  This allows them to eat the loose hay, and be satisfied so they won’t be frustrated (and too hungry) to be patient with the grate.  

Horses were never made to gobble food, or take huge mouths full as we see them do in a typical stall situation. But if this is the only way they have been allowed to eat for their entire lives there is a learning curve for them to get back to eating as nature intended.  

If you have a gobbler or a very aggressive eater continue to add a little loose hay on the top of the grate for a period of time, especially if you allow the feeder to empty for any length of time. If they become too hungry, they will revert back to their ‘survival training’ of grabbing huge amounts of hay at one time.  

Follow these simple instructions to a happy and healthy horse herd!  

More often than not, the modern horse has never been able to experience the gift of free feeding, or free choice hay. While it solves a myriad of problems, including insulin resistance, diabetes, and obesity; as well as being underweight. It also relieves boredom, and can reduce stable vices such as cribbing and weaving. It can even bring peace to mind, body, and soul.   

The market trend is that, over the next five years, most horses in America will be using slow feeders. We are very ‘grateful’ that you have chosen Hay Wise Feeders as your way to bring natural feeding to your facility. We know you will find they save you time, labor, and money.

Hay Wise Feeders— the wise way to feed hay.